Vegan Yumz Gift Box


A unique gift box containing hand-crafted raw chocolate brownies and oat bars! Our products are not only delicious, but only contain whole foods ingredients and zero preservatives.  The ingredients are carefully selected for the powerful nutrition. These brownies energize and nourish the body.  They come in two sizes:

  • Large (6 delectable raw brownies + 4 raw chocolate & oat bars)
  • Small ( 2 delectable raw brownies + 3 raw chocolate & oat bars)

** made to order

** minimum order: 7 large boxes or 21
small boxes


Order by 6PM Today for dispatch on Tuesday 26th September


Our products are special because of the quality of ingredients and the method of working with them. We soak our nuts for 8 hours to remove phytic acid, a naturally-occurring protein that inhibits the absorption of zinc, iron, magnesium, and calcium. The nutrition of a soaked nut becomes more bioavailable to us.  Next, we air-dry them for 24 hours at 45°C to give them a buttery texture while maintaining their raw nutrition. Walnuts are also a good source of calcium, magnesium, and iron.

Dates are anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor. Researchers studied the effect of dates on good gut flora in colon cancer cell proliferation. By feeding our good gut flora dates, we give them dietary fiber and polyphenols (both considered prebiotics) which in turn increases good gut bacteria. It also inhibits the growth of colon cancer cells. Dates increase bowel movements and also reduce stool ammonia and genotoxicity in fecal water. This basically means a reduction in DNA damage. (Benefit of Dates for Colon Health)

Cacao beans are roasted on high heat in commercial chocolate production to release the sulphur compounds that give chocolate its flavor and texture. After roasting, they are called “cocoa beans”. However, with raw cacao, the beans are fermented, then air-dried at low temperatures to maintain their essential nutrition. Raw cacao is one of the world’s highest sources of iron. It also contains magnesium, which is important for the body’s nerve and muscle function. Raw cacao is truly a powerful superfood.

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